How to pick an Acupressure Pad

How to pick an Acupressure Pad

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In the last couple of years, acupressure mats (also referred to as spike mats, nail mats or Swedish mats) have grown to be an more and more popular device to self-treat an entire number of conditions, varying from back discomfort to poor bloodstream circulation.

What’s Acupressure?

Acupressure (to not be mistaken with acupuncture) is definitely an ancient, non-invasive, healing technique in line with the use of physical pressure on specific points across the body. The acupressure pad (first invented within the former Ussr in 4 decades ago) enables its users to harness the advantageous qualities of acupressure inside a cheap and efficient manner. Laying onto it just for 25-half an hour, actually, boosts peripheral bloodstream circulation and encourages your body to produce endorphins and oxytocin, which helps relieve discomfort, muscle tension, fatigue and stress.

It’s because of this that acupressure mats have grown to be increasingly popular in the last decade. Such recognition, however, has brought to some huge proliferation of models and brands, which could engender confusion within the potential buyer. One has only to carry out a fundamental search on the internet to become deluged with numerous products (good quality, some not too good) that may all look exactly the same towards the untrained eye.

How can you then select an acupressure pad? How can you separate the wheat in the chaff and make certain you simply select the right one? Well, the bottom line is, the secret’s to appear closer and also to look inside.

Look Closer

The plastic dvds since the pad (referred to as flowers or florets) shouldn’t contain less than 30 or even more than 40 tips. Within the former situation, acupressure may end up too uncomfortable whereas within the latter, it might be too “bland” and, consequently, ineffective. The perfect quantity of tips in every disc should range from 32 and 36. Also, such tips shouldn’t envision esoteric symbols or images, but ought to be pyramidal.

Look Inside

Avoid no matter what any padding made from cheap foam rubber, which harms your back and also the atmosphere. Opt, rather, for any padding made from vegetable fibres (coir, spelt chaff, etc.). Unlike foam rubber, actually, vegetable fibres are breathable, do not let sweat and dirt to amass, don’t attract mites, don’t lose their shape with time and, more to the point, ensure perfectly uniform acupressure, improving its usefulness. Furthermore, vegetable fibres are totally natural and fully recyclable, leading to minimal ecological impact.

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