Have You Sustained a Head Injury? Find Out If It is a Concussion and Needs Medical Attention!

Have You Sustained a Head Injury? Find Out If It is a Concussion and Needs Medical Attention!

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When you get a head injury, it is natural to experience some symptoms such as headaches or even dizziness. However, these symptoms do not always suggest that you’ve had a concussion. Still, it is a good idea to seek medical attention if you notice symptoms such as vomiting, headache, feeling dazed, seizure, and loss of memory even for a short time. Here is a bit more about how to confirm if you’ve had a concussion or not.

Diagnosis of Concussion

In order to determine the effects of concussion, several tests are conducted to diagnose the issue. These tests are conducted on the basis of the severity of the injury and according to the age and symptoms indicated by the person.

Usually, the following tests are prescribed by the physician:

  1. Neurological Test: the Neurological test is your physical examination based on the observation of your behavior and response. The emergency department assesses your motor and sensory skills like hearing, vision, speech coordination, physical balance, mental status and your conduct.
  2. CT Scan: A CT scan is recommended to visualize the internal condition of the brain and to spot any major brain injury, swelling or bleeding. It is an x-ray of the brain.
  3. MRI Scan: MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging which gives a more clear view of the internal state of the brain. It uses magnetic energy to get images.

Sometimes the minor injuries are not detected even in MRI and CT scan.

Treatment of Concussion

The best and the most effective cure for concussion is rest. A concussion is a mental trauma and your brain requires relaxation and time out to recover from it. You must take ample sleep and completely avoid any activity that requires mental exertion like reading, texting, using screens, listening to music or news and unnecessary phone calls.

Even after taking complete rest, if you still face critical symptoms of concussion such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea it’s better to consult a specialist in the field to get appropriate evaluation and treatment for the injury.

Prediction and Prognosis

The people affected with concussion often return to their routine life and resume their physical and mental activities after a short interval. It depends on the severity of your brain injury that how early or late you can resume your routine life. If you’ve sustained a minor injury, you are more likely to join your workplace after 2 to 4 weeks. But if your injury is severe you may probably require several months to recover completely.

The recovery process and duration also depends on the time of diagnosis and treatment. If the injury is diagnosed immediately after the concussion, there are higher chances of it to heal at a faster pace and vice versa.

Often the person who sustained concussion is unable to comprehend his own situation and is incapable to take the correct decision. The social circle may help him in this regard.

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